The rules of participation in a conference provide the following provisions.

1. For participation with the report it is necessary to be registered on the website (to create the private office). One participant can be the author or the coauthor no more than two section reports, at the same time one of reports has to have coauthors.
2. Is among fields of registration: a text field of the name of the report, a text field of the summary of the report (to 350 signs), the author(s) of the report. Before application it is necessary to be convinced that all authors of the report are registered on the conference website since authors can be added to the respective field only from among the registered persons.
3. On the basis of summaries the draft of the program of a conference registered in the Russian Federal Property Fund is formed. In this regard the Organizing committee asks to carry out timely registration (to 4/20/2018).
4. The rules of a conference assume release of short texts of reports (volumes of 3 p.) and full texts of reports (volumes of 7-12 p.) in two editions registered in RINTs, respectively in Materials and Works of a conference, as well as full papers in English in the collective monograph. Submission of short texts of reports is obligatory for all conferees, on them the Program and the schedule of performances of conferees which together with Materials of a conference is released prior to her work is formed. Submission of full texts of reports - isn't obligatory. Works with reports are issued after the end of a conference. It must be kept in mind that the COLLECTION of WORKS CAN INCLUDE ONLY THOSE REPORTS ARE INCLUDED IN the PROGRAM of  CONFERENCE.   

The sample of the short and full text of the report ("Text of report MLSD'2018.doc"), as well as a sample of the text of the report in the monograph in English ("Templante.doc") are attached below:

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